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Sport cars

Sports cars are fast and fun to drive. These cars are built for speed and have powerful engines to push them along. They have wide tyres that grip the road as they race round corners.Sports cars have a smooth,rounded shape that helps them go really fast.

Supercars are the fastest sports cars. They are made of special materials so they weigh less than normal sports cars.

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The first cars

The car was invented more than a hundred years ago. The first cars looked different from the cars we travel in today. They looked a bit like horse-drawn carriage. They had big wheels,tiny engines and were very slow.

This car was made by a man called Karl Benz. It was the first real car.

When cars were invented,most roads were rough tracks. There were no petrol stations. Drivers carried cans of petrol and they had to know how to mend their cars.

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What is a car?

A car is a machine that carries people on journeys. We go to school in cars,and we go to the shops in cars. Sometimes we go on holiday in cars.

Cars come in many shapes and sizes. There are tiny cars with space for just two people. Big cars have seats for six or seven people.

When people drive to work or school,and when they drive home again,towns and cities are full of cars.