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40l)) Listen and check.
Read the article again carefully. Choose a, b, or c.

  1. 1 The first thing the journalist did after leaving her GP was.. .
    1. a go and see a specialist
    2. b gotoA&E
    3. c find out what her condition was called
  2. 2 After realizing that she was a cyberchondriac, she…
    1. a stopped worrying
    2. b worried just as much as before
    3. c stopped visiting health-related websites
  3. 3 One problem with health-related websites on the internet is that…
    1. a they make unusual illnesses seem more common than they really are
    2. b they often describe conditions which don’t really exist
    3. c they give more information about rare illnesses than aboutcommon ones
  4. 4 Another problem with these websites is that…
    1. a they encourage people to go to the doctor more often
    2. b they make people believe in miracle cures
    3. c the information may not be right.

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