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  1. The words ………… by the teacher today. (to explain — Simple Present)
  2. We ……… a letter the day before yesterday. (to send — Simple Past)
  3. This car  ……. . It’s too old. (not/to steal — will-future)
  4. This street ……. because of snow. (already/to close — Present Perfect)
  5. A new restaurant …….. next week. (to open — will-future)
  6. He …… to the party yesterday. (to invite — Simple Past)
  7. The blue box …… . (can/not/to see — Simple Present)
  8. I ……. the book by my friend last Sunday. (to give — Simple Past)
  9. The dishes ….. by my little brother. (not/to wash — Present Perfect)
  10. I …… by Robert. (not/to ask — will-future)
  1. The words are explained by the teacher today.
  2. We were sent a letter the day before yesterday.
  3. This car will not be stolen. It’s too old.
  4. This street has already been closed because of snow.
  5. A new restaurant will be opened next week.
  6. He was invited to the party yesterday.
  7. The blue box cannot be seen.
  8. I was given the book by my friend last Sunday.
  9. The dishes have not been washed by my little brother.
  10. I will not be asked by Robert.
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4. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in the box.

a) Jim runs and swims. He is the fittest man I know.

b) Jo is crying again. She is much more sensitive than I thought.

c) This old car costs only £2.000! It’s not as expensive as that new one.

d) Matt is so handsome — he is the good-looking man in the class!

e) Be quiet, Guy! Why are you so much noisy than Ali?

6. Underline the correct words.

OK, everybody. Mr. Smith says the exam starts at 10:00, but we all have to / can’t arrive ten minutes before then. He says we have to / don’t have to register at the desk before the exam. We can / have to take money, mobiles, pens and pencils into the exam room with us, but we can / can’t take any large bags. Oh, and we have to / can’t turn off our mobiles.

7. Complete the conversation with the past simple or present perfect forms of the verbs.

A: Hi, I’m interested in the shop assistant job. B: (1 you work) Have you worked in a shop before? A: No, but I (2 do) did lots of shopping! B: Oh. (3 you have) did you have any other jobs? A: Yes, I (4 be) was a waitress, and last year I (5 work) worked as an au pair in Paris. I (6 go) went to Paris after I (7 leave) leaved school. Wonderful shopping!

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The bagpiper

If the bagpiper were in charge,the one who comes down the road,you know what he’d sayon Christmas day?”I want in every housea tree in blossomsprouting out of the floorwith golden and silver stars.” If the sparrow were in charge,the one jumping around on the snow,you know what he’d saywith his chirping voice?”I want all children to find,when the lights are on,all the present they wantedplus one, for good measure.” If the sheperd were in charge,from his cardboard presepe, you know what law he’d write,signing it with his long staff?”I want no children to cry todayin the whole world.I want them to smile all alike,the white, the black, the yellowish.” You know what I say,I, who am not in charge of anything?All these nice thingscould easily become true,if only we take each other’s hands,miracles can be doneand Christmas daywill last all year long.

Հայերեն թարգմանությունը կարող եք գտնել ՝ այստեղ։

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Blonde with Feathers

“The Tiger and the Snow (La tigre e la neve)” is one of those movies that stays in your mind for years. It has more weight then ten thousand rom coms in the way it depicts that real hungry, “I-would-go-to-the-end-of-the-world-for-you” kind of love. 

It is subtitled, it is political, it is poetic and it will break your heart by being unfathomably beautiful. Oh, and Tom Waites sings in the intro dream sequence. 

Every person is a Chasm

Fuad: He was a real poet. He was young, fell in love with a woman and married her. A few years later, while he was fighting in some war, he heard his wife had contracted smallpox and had been disfigured. So Al-Giumeili said, “My eyes hurt…” and then: “I’ve gone blind.” When his wife died, 12 years later, he opened his eyes again. 
Attilio de GiovanniSo as not to upset his wife, he pretended to be blind for 12 years? 
Fuad: Every person is a chasm. It makes you dizzy to look down.”

Since They Touched the Skyimageimageimageimageimage

Roberto Benigni named his character “Attilio” as a tribute to poet Attilio Bertolucci (1911-2000) father of famous directors Giuseppe and Bernardo Bertolucci.

Because I Love Her When the Sun Shines on Her 

“Al-Giumeili.. my old friend, find me this glycerin. I know you can. Otherwise, she is going to die. 
If she dies, they can close this whole show of a world… 
they can cart it off, unscrew the stars, roll up the sky and put it on a truck, 
they can turn off this sunlight I love so much. 
Do you know why I love it so much? 
Because I love her when the sun shines on her. 
They can take everything away, these carpets, columns, houses, sand, wind, frogs, ripe watermelons, hail, seven in the evening, May, June, July, basil, bees, the sea, courgettes…”
-Roberto Benigni (Playing Attilio de Giovanni in The Tiger and the Snow)

For romantics, optimistic and everyone who needs a shot in the arm when it comes to believing in earth shaking love.

Հայերեն թարգմանությունը կարող եք գտնել ՝ այստեղ։

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Exercise 8

  1. Julia rescued three cats. Three cats were rescued by Julia.
  2. The students handed in the reports. The reposts were handed in by the students.
  3. Maria crashed into the blue car. The blue car was crashed into by Maria.
  4. Alex learned the poem. The poem was learned by Alex.
  5. Steven has forgotten the book. The book has been forgotten by Steven.
  6. The technician has not repaired the DVD recorder. The DVD recorder has not been repaired by the technician.
  7. They play handball. Handball is played.
  8. Sue puts the bag on the floor. The bag is put on the floor by Sue.
  9. The girls had lost the match. The match had been lost by the girls.
  10. The teacher is not going to open the window. The window is not going to be opened by the teacher.
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Exercise 7

  1. Have you called her yet? Yes,I phoned her at six, but she hasn’t answered so far.
  2. First we had dinner at our favourite restaurant, and then we went to the cinema.
  3. When did they meet for the first time?
  4. I watched his movie yesterday. It’s the best movie I have ever seen.
  5. They haven’t given me any money since March.
  6. She wrote a letter to her parents some days ago.
  7. Carol has just passed her English exam.
  8. My brother has been ill several times this year.
  9. Have you already packed your suitcase.
  10. Have you recently met your uncle? Yes I talked to him last Monday when I saw him at the shopping centre
  11. Has she done her homework yet? Yes, she did it yesterday.
  12. She is bleeding because she has cut her finger.
  13. Did they visit the Taj Mahal when they stayed in India?
  14. He went to Brazil, but now he has come back again.
  15. Dan bought his car last March and bought it yesterday.
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Exercise 6

1. They were having (have) tea when the doorbell rang (ring).
2. Father was smoking (smoke) his pipe while mother was reading (read) a magazine.
3. While he was mowing (mow) the lawn, it started (start) to rain.
4. He was having (have) breakfast when the toaster blew (blow) up.
5. When I came (come) into the office, my boss was waiting (wait) for me.
6. When we saw (see) Brian, he was driving (drive) a taxi.
7. Father was waiting (wait) in the car while mother was doing (do) the shopping.
8. When he arrived (arrive), we were having (have) dinner.
9. While they were playing (play) chess, we were going (go) shopping.
10. They were having (have) a party while he was sleeping (sleep).
11. He took (take) a photo when I was feeding (feed) the ducks.
12. They were playing (play) football when the lights in the stadium went (go) out.
13. While George and John were cleaning (clean) their room, she was doing (do) the ironing.
14. Sam was doing (do) the ironing when Jack phoned (phone) her.
15. We were waiting (wait) at Victoria station when the train arrived (arrive).

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Exercise 5

1. Many rock stars say the real thrill is that they enjoy being watched by thousands of adoring fans.

2. Before being recycled , glass bottles are thoroughly washed and the labels are removed.

3. I’m sorry this office is so dirty but it can’t be cleaned until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

4. Any teacher who hits a student should be sacked immediately.

5. John’s big dream is that he wants to be discovered by a big time music producer.

6. Jak was fired from the local car wash because, even though he hadn’t paid, he let his friend’s car be washed.

7. The factory is losing a lot of money every week and is going to be shut next Thursday.

8. But it might be saved if we make an appeal to the local bank.

9. Your car is a death trap. It should have been sent to the scrap yard years ago!

10. Being robbed in the street is a terrifying experience indeed.

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Exercise 4

1. When I was walking to school, I saw John. (walk/see)
2.When I was helping in the kitchen, Mary came. (help/come)
3. While she was cooking the soup, the children were playing. (cook/play)
4. While they were playing cards, the baby was sleeping. (play/sleep)
5. When I was working in the garden, my uncle called. (work/call)
6. Carol was watching TV while Bob and Peter were playing football. (watch/play)
7. When she was washing her hair, the baby began to cry. (wash/begin)
8. A strong wind was blowing when the plane landed. (blow/land)
9. When she was playing tennis, it began to rain. (play/began)
10. When I was watching TV, the lights went out. (watch/go)
11. While he was playing the piano, she was listening to him. (play/listen)
12. While she was tidying up her room, he was washing his car. (tidy/wash)13. The boys were helping in the garden while she was watering the flowers. (help/water)
14. He met Mary when he was walking through the park. (meet/walk)
15. We were playing computer games while she was reading a book. (play/read)

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The Religious Significance of Diwali

First of all, many people try to forgive people during Diwali. It is certainly an occasion where people forget disputes. Therefore, friendships and relationships get stronger during Diwali. People remove all feelings of hatred from their hearts.

This beautiful festival brings prosperity. Hindu merchants open new account books on Diwali. Furthermore, they also pray for success and prosperity. People also buy new clothes for themselves and for others.

This light festival brings peace to people. It brings the light of peace to the heart. Diwali certainly brings spiritual calmness to people. Sharing joy and happiness is another spiritual benefit of Diwali. People visit each other’s houses during this festival of lights. They do happy communication, eat good meals, and enjoy fireworks.

Finally, to sum it up, Diwali is a great joyful occasion in India. One cannot imagine the delightful contribution of this glorious festival. It is certainly one of the greatest festivals in the world.

Դիվալիի կրոնական նշանակությունը

Նախ, շատերը փորձում են ներել մարդկանց Դիվալիի ժամանակ: Դա, անշուշտ, առիթ է, երբ մարդիկ մոռանում են վեճերը: Հետևաբար, Դիվալիի ընթացքում բարեկամությունն ու հարաբերություններն ավելի են ամրապնդվում: Մարդիկ իրենց սրտից հեռացնում են ատելության բոլոր զգացմունքները:

Այս գեղեցիկ փառատոնը բարգավաճում է բերում: Հինդու վաճառականները նոր հաշիվներ են բացում Դիվալիի վերաբերյալ: Բացի այդ, նրանք նաև աղոթում են հաջողության և բարգավաճման համար: Մարդիկ նաև նոր հագուստ են գնում իրենց և ուրիշների համար:

Այս լուսավոր տոնը խաղաղություն է բերում մարդկանց: Այն խաղաղության լույս է բերում սրտին: Դիվալին, անշուշտ, մարդկանց բերում է հոգևոր հանգստություն: Ուրախություն և երջանկություն կիսելը Դիվալիի մեկ այլ հոգևոր օգուտ է: Լույսի այս փառատոնի ժամանակ մարդիկ այցելում են միմյանց տները: Նրանք ուրախ հաղորդակցություն են վարում, լավ սնունդ են ընդունում և հրավառություն են վայելում:

Ի վերջո, ամփոփելու համար ՝ Դիվալին Հնդկաստանում մեծ ուրախ առիթ է: Չի կարելի պատկերացնել այս փառահեղ փառատոնի հիասքանչ ներդրումը: Դա, անշուշտ, աշխարհի ամենամեծ փառատոններից մեկն է: