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40l)) Listen and check.
Read the article again carefully. Choose a, b, or c.

  1. 1 The first thing the journalist did after leaving her GP was.. .
    1. a go and see a specialist
    2. b gotoA&E
    3. c find out what her condition was called
  2. 2 After realizing that she was a cyberchondriac, she…
    1. a stopped worrying
    2. b worried just as much as before
    3. c stopped visiting health-related websites
  3. 3 One problem with health-related websites on the internet is that…
    1. a they make unusual illnesses seem more common than they really are
    2. b they often describe conditions which don’t really exist
    3. c they give more information about rare illnesses than aboutcommon ones
  4. 4 Another problem with these websites is that…
    1. a they encourage people to go to the doctor more often
    2. b they make people believe in miracle cures
    3. c the information may not be right.
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  1. John and Mary ……. the radio.

a. are listening on b. are listening to c. is listening on d. is listening to

2. What’s his name?

a. It’s name Jack b. It’s a Jack c. It’s Jack’s name d. It’s Jack

3. The lamp is …….. the television.

a. at b. next to. c. near of d. between

4. My brother is writing ………

a. by a pencil b. with pen c. in a paper d. in a book

5. Monday is the first day

a. Tuesday is the second b. The second bis thursday c. Tuesday is the fourth d. The fourth is thursday.

6.Micheal ….for the Bank since last year.

a.did work b. has worked c.does work d. works

7. I’m really looking forward ….. this exercise finish b.finishing c. finish finishing

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8.Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ……..there!

a.was nobody b. is anybody c. wasn’t nobody d.was somebody

9.Michael………Paris in the morning leaving b leaves for c  is leaving for d. leave to

10. a. What’s like the weather? b. How’s the weather? c. What’s the weather like? d. How the weather is?

11.I ….. working at night nowadays.

a. used to b. used c. am used to. d would

12.I wish I ….. a million dollars, I’m tired of being poor.

a. have b would have c.had d. had had

13.  … telling me these lies, because you know I don’t believe you.

a. There is no use b.  It is no point c.It is no use d. It is usefulness

14.  By this time tomorrow we ….. the meeting.

a. will have b. will have had c. are having d.will had had

17. collapse

a. build b. fall down. c. stay safe d. keep safe

18. prospect

a. cause b. expectation. c. approach d. promotion

19. proficient

a. proud b. skilled c. wise d. well – known


a. wear b. stiff c. necessary d. unimportant

21. Match the words with their meanings

  1. conventional ————- a. elevator
  2. prohibit ————- ———–b. creative
  3. lift ——————————-c. fluctuate
  4. disperse ———————- d. convincing
  5. cogent ————————e. customary
  6. ingenious ————————- f. scatter
  7. vibrate —————————– g. ban

Conventional — customary

Prohibit — ban

Lift — elevator

Disperse — scatter

Cogent — convincing

Ingenious — creative

Vibrate — fluctuate

From the bold words find the one which is not correct.

22. Some fishes live at such enormous depths that they are almost complete blind

23. Animals that live in cold climates often hibernate throughout the winter when food is scarcely.

24. Morse code was an important way to send messages before the telephone and radio are invented. 

25. Language is an important factor in the accumulate of culture.

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1. What Is your name?

My name is Shirley


2. What is your address?

– My address is  175 Grand Central Parkway. 
3. What is your. phone number?

My phone number is 718-1930
4. Where are you from?

– I am  from New York. 
5. I  am a pupil.

6. My father is not a teacher, he is a scientist. 7. Is your aunt a doctor?

Yes, she is 

. 8. Are they at home?

– No, they are not at home, they are  at work.

9. My brother is a worker. He Is  at work. 10. Are you an engineer?

– Yes, I am 

. 11 is your sister a typist?

– No, she is not a typist, she is a student. your brother at school?

– Yes, he is

13.Is your sister at school?

No, she is not at school.

14. My

sister is at home. 

15.Is this your watch?

Yes, it is  

16. She is an actress. 

17. This Is my bag. 

18. My uncle is an office worker. 

19. He is at work

20. Helen is a painter. She has some fine pictures. They Are on the walls. She has much paper. It on the shelf. The shelf is brown. It is on the wall. Helen has a brother. He is a student. He has a family. His wife is not from St Petersburg, she is from Moscow.

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My favorite book and film

So i have a lot of favorite books and movies and each one gives me a special emotions. In each new book and movie i have something new to learn. In fact, it is very difficult to choose the most favorite from all that, that’s why i will just talk about the last movie i watched and book i read. 

A few days ago i watched a movie about Steve Jobs and i want to tell about my opinion. 

In my opinion, if a person has a little determination then nothing can be impossible for him. The vivid example of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple’s , that was already clear from the film about him and clear point of view of his purposefulness. The most important thing is also not to break and not to give up every time you try it again. Because every time you try it again from the beginning you get experience of it and also you will get the results you want in the end. But one more important thing that if the end you get what you want never forget who helped you in your dream way, at your worst the people who were not left alone at your difficult time.

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Once there lived  a king. His name was Midas. He had a little daughter. They lived in a beautiful palace with a wonderful garden around it. Now  the king was very fond of  the gold. He loved  gold more than anything else in the world. One day, when the   king was looking at his gold, the young man appeared before him.

“You are very rich man, Midas, said young man.

“Yes,” said the king,

“but I would like to be richer. I would like to have  a golden touch. I want everything that I touch to turn into a gold.”

The young man was magician, and he gave king a golden touch which he wanted to have. king was very happy. He touched the table, and the table became gold. He went into a garden. There were beautiful roses in the  garden. He touched the roses, and they also became gold.The king’s daughter, who loved roses very much, saw it and began to cry.

“Don’t cry, dear daughter,” said king and touched his daughter’s head.

The next moment the girl turned into a beautiful gold statue.

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a) It’s possible that the stones for Stonehenge were moved by a system of levers.
The stones for Stonehenge __________ by a system of levers.

b) It is almost certain that the material to build the Sphinx of Giza was transported down the Nile. must

The material to build the Sphinx of Giza _____ down the Nile.

c) The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza probably involved up to 50,000 workers.
The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza _ _____up to 50,000 workers.

d) Perhaps the Nazca Lines in Peru were a map of underground water supplies.  May 

The Nazca Lines in Peru ____ a map of underground water supplies.

e) The Easter Island statues obviously didn’t come from outer space.
The Easter Island statues _____from outer space.

f) Machu Picchu was almost definitely built as a fortress against powerful enemies.  been 

Machu Picchu _ as a fortress against powerful enemies

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Task 1

a) I don’t particularly like watching television. I can take it or leave it .

b) When I go on holiday, all I want is some peace and quiet.

c) I vacuum my car regularly because I like it to be clean and tidy.

d) It’s 200 kilometres to the coast from here, give or take a few kilometres.

e) My computer is getting old. Sooner or later I’ll have to buy a new one.

f) I don’t eat chocolate for weeks. Then I’ll eat three bars in one day! It’s all or nothing with me.

g) My teenagers treat our house like a hotel. They just come and go as they please.

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Task 1

We got married on a warm Saturday in spring. 

We had a party in the evening.

 During the party we danced and everyone had a lovely time.

 At ten o’clock at night we drove to the airport to go on my surprise honeymoon.

During the flight my husband told me we were going to Cuba. 

We landed at four o’clock on Sunday morning. 

At eight o’clock on Sunday evening the island experienced a terrible hurricane. 

We flew out on Monday morning after the shortest honeymoon in history!

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  1. The words ………… by the teacher today. (to explain — Simple Present)
  2. We ……… a letter the day before yesterday. (to send — Simple Past)
  3. This car  ……. . It’s too old. (not/to steal — will-future)
  4. This street ……. because of snow. (already/to close — Present Perfect)
  5. A new restaurant …….. next week. (to open — will-future)
  6. He …… to the party yesterday. (to invite — Simple Past)
  7. The blue box …… . (can/not/to see — Simple Present)
  8. I ……. the book by my friend last Sunday. (to give — Simple Past)
  9. The dishes ….. by my little brother. (not/to wash — Present Perfect)
  10. I …… by Robert. (not/to ask — will-future)
  1. The words are explained by the teacher today.
  2. We were sent a letter the day before yesterday.
  3. This car will not be stolen. It’s too old.
  4. This street has already been closed because of snow.
  5. A new restaurant will be opened next week.
  6. He was invited to the party yesterday.
  7. The blue box cannot be seen.
  8. I was given the book by my friend last Sunday.
  9. The dishes have not been washed by my little brother.
  10. I will not be asked by Robert.
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4. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in the box.

a) Jim runs and swims. He is the fittest man I know.

b) Jo is crying again. She is much more sensitive than I thought.

c) This old car costs only £2.000! It’s not as expensive as that new one.

d) Matt is so handsome — he is the good-looking man in the class!

e) Be quiet, Guy! Why are you so much noisy than Ali?

6. Underline the correct words.

OK, everybody. Mr. Smith says the exam starts at 10:00, but we all have to / can’t arrive ten minutes before then. He says we have to / don’t have to register at the desk before the exam. We can / have to take money, mobiles, pens and pencils into the exam room with us, but we can / can’t take any large bags. Oh, and we have to / can’t turn off our mobiles.

7. Complete the conversation with the past simple or present perfect forms of the verbs.

A: Hi, I’m interested in the shop assistant job. B: (1 you work) Have you worked in a shop before? A: No, but I (2 do) did lots of shopping! B: Oh. (3 you have) did you have any other jobs? A: Yes, I (4 be) was a waitress, and last year I (5 work) worked as an au pair in Paris. I (6 go) went to Paris after I (7 leave) leaved school. Wonderful shopping!