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My favorite book and film

So i have a lot of favorite books and movies and each one gives me a special emotions. In each new book and movie i have something new to learn. In fact, it is very difficult to choose the most favorite from all that, that’s why i will just talk about the last movie i watched and book i read. 

A few days ago i watched a movie about Steve Jobs and i want to tell about my opinion. 

In my opinion, if a person has a little determination then nothing can be impossible for him. The vivid example of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple’s , that was already clear from the film about him and clear point of view of his purposefulness. The most important thing is also not to break and not to give up every time you try it again. Because every time you try it again from the beginning you get experience of it and also you will get the results you want in the end. But one more important thing that if the end you get what you want never forget who helped you in your dream way, at your worst the people who were not left alone at your difficult time.

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