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1. What Is your name?

My name is Shirley


2. What is your address?

– My address is  175 Grand Central Parkway. 
3. What is your. phone number?

My phone number is 718-1930
4. Where are you from?

– I am  from New York. 
5. I  am a pupil.

6. My father is not a teacher, he is a scientist. 7. Is your aunt a doctor?

Yes, she is 

. 8. Are they at home?

– No, they are not at home, they are  at work.

9. My brother is a worker. He Is  at work. 10. Are you an engineer?

– Yes, I am 

. 11 is your sister a typist?

– No, she is not a typist, she is a student. your brother at school?

– Yes, he is

13.Is your sister at school?

No, she is not at school.

14. My

sister is at home. 

15.Is this your watch?

Yes, it is  

16. She is an actress. 

17. This Is my bag. 

18. My uncle is an office worker. 

19. He is at work

20. Helen is a painter. She has some fine pictures. They Are on the walls. She has much paper. It on the shelf. The shelf is brown. It is on the wall. Helen has a brother. He is a student. He has a family. His wife is not from St Petersburg, she is from Moscow.

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