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4. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in the box.

a) Jim runs and swims. He is the fittest man I know.

b) Jo is crying again. She is much more sensitive than I thought.

c) This old car costs only £2.000! It’s not as expensive as that new one.

d) Matt is so handsome — he is the good-looking man in the class!

e) Be quiet, Guy! Why are you so much noisy than Ali?

6. Underline the correct words.

OK, everybody. Mr. Smith says the exam starts at 10:00, but we all have to / can’t arrive ten minutes before then. He says we have to / don’t have to register at the desk before the exam. We can / have to take money, mobiles, pens and pencils into the exam room with us, but we can / can’t take any large bags. Oh, and we have to / can’t turn off our mobiles.

7. Complete the conversation with the past simple or present perfect forms of the verbs.

A: Hi, I’m interested in the shop assistant job. B: (1 you work) Have you worked in a shop before? A: No, but I (2 do) did lots of shopping! B: Oh. (3 you have) did you have any other jobs? A: Yes, I (4 be) was a waitress, and last year I (5 work) worked as an au pair in Paris. I (6 go) went to Paris after I (7 leave) leaved school. Wonderful shopping!

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