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The bagpiper

If the bagpiper were in charge,the one who comes down the road,you know what he’d sayon Christmas day?”I want in every housea tree in blossomsprouting out of the floorwith golden and silver stars.” If the sparrow were in charge,the one jumping around on the snow,you know what he’d saywith his chirping voice?”I want all children to find,when the lights are on,all the present they wantedplus one, for good measure.” If the sheperd were in charge,from his cardboard presepe, you know what law he’d write,signing it with his long staff?”I want no children to cry todayin the whole world.I want them to smile all alike,the white, the black, the yellowish.” You know what I say,I, who am not in charge of anything?All these nice thingscould easily become true,if only we take each other’s hands,miracles can be doneand Christmas daywill last all year long.

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