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Exercise 7

  1. Have you called her yet? Yes,I phoned her at six, but she hasn’t answered so far.
  2. First we had dinner at our favourite restaurant, and then we went to the cinema.
  3. When did they meet for the first time?
  4. I watched his movie yesterday. It’s the best movie I have ever seen.
  5. They haven’t given me any money since March.
  6. She wrote a letter to her parents some days ago.
  7. Carol has just passed her English exam.
  8. My brother has been ill several times this year.
  9. Have you already packed your suitcase.
  10. Have you recently met your uncle? Yes I talked to him last Monday when I saw him at the shopping centre
  11. Has she done her homework yet? Yes, she did it yesterday.
  12. She is bleeding because she has cut her finger.
  13. Did they visit the Taj Mahal when they stayed in India?
  14. He went to Brazil, but now he has come back again.
  15. Dan bought his car last March and bought it yesterday.

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