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Exercise 8

  1. Julia rescued three cats. Three cats were rescued by Julia.
  2. The students handed in the reports. The reposts were handed in by the students.
  3. Maria crashed into the blue car. The blue car was crashed into by Maria.
  4. Alex learned the poem. The poem was learned by Alex.
  5. Steven has forgotten the book. The book has been forgotten by Steven.
  6. The technician has not repaired the DVD recorder. The DVD recorder has not been repaired by the technician.
  7. They play handball. Handball is played.
  8. Sue puts the bag on the floor. The bag is put on the floor by Sue.
  9. The girls had lost the match. The match had been lost by the girls.
  10. The teacher is not going to open the window. The window is not going to be opened by the teacher.

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