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Exercise 6

1. They were having (have) tea when the doorbell rang (ring).
2. Father was smoking (smoke) his pipe while mother was reading (read) a magazine.
3. While he was mowing (mow) the lawn, it started (start) to rain.
4. He was having (have) breakfast when the toaster blew (blow) up.
5. When I came (come) into the office, my boss was waiting (wait) for me.
6. When we saw (see) Brian, he was driving (drive) a taxi.
7. Father was waiting (wait) in the car while mother was doing (do) the shopping.
8. When he arrived (arrive), we were having (have) dinner.
9. While they were playing (play) chess, we were going (go) shopping.
10. They were having (have) a party while he was sleeping (sleep).
11. He took (take) a photo when I was feeding (feed) the ducks.
12. They were playing (play) football when the lights in the stadium went (go) out.
13. While George and John were cleaning (clean) their room, she was doing (do) the ironing.
14. Sam was doing (do) the ironing when Jack phoned (phone) her.
15. We were waiting (wait) at Victoria station when the train arrived (arrive).

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