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Exercise 5

1. Many rock stars say the real thrill is that they enjoy being watched by thousands of adoring fans.

2. Before being recycled , glass bottles are thoroughly washed and the labels are removed.

3. I’m sorry this office is so dirty but it can’t be cleaned until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

4. Any teacher who hits a student should be sacked immediately.

5. John’s big dream is that he wants to be discovered by a big time music producer.

6. Jak was fired from the local car wash because, even though he hadn’t paid, he let his friend’s car be washed.

7. The factory is losing a lot of money every week and is going to be shut next Thursday.

8. But it might be saved if we make an appeal to the local bank.

9. Your car is a death trap. It should have been sent to the scrap yard years ago!

10. Being robbed in the street is a terrifying experience indeed.

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