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Three unforgettable days

Early in the morning we set off for Artsvanist village, Gegharkunik region. When we reached the village, we first visited Artsvanist secondary school. The students of the school introduced us to the school. When we introduced our school to the local children, they were very excited, they wanted to participate in our projects, in foreign languages. And finally we decided to play football with “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” school against Artsvanist school.

When we finished football, we were happily escorted to Teisheban Fortress (or Ozaberd). The next day we visited Vanevan monastery, the nature there was very wonderful, indescribable.

We went to the source of Arpa and saw how it joins Lake Sanaa. We were all in a very high mood, there was no negative energy. In the last days, we woke up, got ready and headed to Yerevan. On the way we stopped at Hayrivank church.