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1. a) What sports are you good at.
b) What have you spent the most money on.
c) Who were you having dinner with yesterday.
d) What kind of music are you interested in.
e) What sort of things do you worry about.

2. a) Who loves cooking? My father loves cooking.
b) What i did to see? I saw the new George Clooney film.
c) Who spoke to my brother yesterday? I spoke to my brother yesterday.
d) Who gave her that watch? Josh gave her that watch.
e) Whitch chose the red car? She chose the red car.
f) What arrived this morning? A parcel arrived this morning.

3. a) I usually work at home.
b) I travel abroad from time to time.
c) I hardly ever come to my English class.
d) I like wearing a hat all the time
e) I don’t often come to scool by car.
f) I always walk very fast.

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