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Ex. 1

  • Have you always got on well with your sister?
  • Jo and Rob have fallen out.
  • He likes football. She likes reading. They don’t really have a lot in common.
  • They got divorced because over the years they found they had drifted apart.
  • Don and I clicked straightaway.

Ex. 2

  1. good — fantastic
  2. funny — hilarious
  3. dirty — filthy
  4. tired — exhausted
  5. frightened — terrified
  6. hot — boiling

Ex. 3

  1. That film was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much!
  2. She doesn’t like dogs. In fact she’s very frightened of them.
  3. This wine is not bad. Actually, It’s fairly fantastic!
  4. I need to wash the car. It’s absolutely dirty.
  5. I’ve been working very hard, and I’m extremely tired.
  6. Can we open a window? It’s absolutely hot in here.

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