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Ex 2

  1. He wasn’t very talkative — he was very quiet
  2. He’s a bit shy — he’s under-confident
  3. Liz tends to dominate the conversation — Liz talks too much
  4. It wasn’t particularly interesting — it was boring
  5. You can be so mean — she’s impossible
  6. He’s not bad-looking — he’s good-looking
  7. Liz isn’t exactly old- Liz is young
  8. She can be rather difficult- You’re horrible
  9. She can be a bit bossy — she’s controlling

Ex 4

  • She never stops talking — she can be a bit talkative.
  • The restaurant was awful — the restaurant wasn’t very/particularly good.
  • He prefers older women — he tends to go out with older women.
  • She’s rude — she isn’t particularly/exactly polite.
  • He’s big-headed — he’s not particularly/exactly modest.
  • They’re unfriendly — they’re not particularly/exactly friendly.
  • He never gets up before midday — he tends. to get up rather late.
  • Sometimes she looks exhausted — she can look a bit tired.
  • They’re well-off — they’re not particularly/exactly poor.
  • She didn’t help me at all — she wasn’t particularly/exactly helpful.

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