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Distance tasks for 02/10

J: Have I ever told you about the time a dog nearly attacked me?

M: No-what happened?

J: Oh well, it was a few years ago. I was still at school, actually, so. I guess I was sixteen or seventeen. It was the weekend and it was summer — the sun was shining, and I was whit some friends in the garden. We were playing football. Well, we weren’t. exactly playing football, because there were only three of us, but we were playing with a ball. In fact, we were using my older brother’s football. Anyway, we were having a laugh and enjoying the game , when suddenly one of my friends kicked the ball really hard, and it went up in the air, over the fence and into my neighbour’s garden. I couldn’t believe it. My brother really loved that football and he never let me use it.

M: Oh no. What did you do?

J: Well,I went and knocked on the nighbour’s door, but there was no answer. So I had to climb over the fence. It was really high, and my friends had to push me over. Anyway, as soon as I dropped down on the other side, I realised I wasn’t alone.

M: The dog?

J: Yes, an enormous dog was running towards me, barking like mad. I’ve never been so frightened in my life!

M: What did you do?

J: I was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t move. But then I noticed a chair near the fence, so I jumped up on it and managed to climb back over the fence.

M: What about the ball?

J: I didn’t get the ball, but fortunately, the neighbours came back, before my brother did. So in the end, he never knew about it. Which is good because my brother is almost as frightening as the neighbour,s dog!

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