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Hometask for 28/09

Underline the correct name.

  1. Tina was looking for someone to share the house with.
  2. Will is a very tidy person.
  3. Tina lives at home now.
  4. Will has a well-paid job.
  5. Tina loves her job.
  6. Will has a nice car.

1. Complete these expressions to talk about friendship from the article on page 8.

  • ‘we liked one another as soon as we first met’ = we clicked/we hit it
  • ‘we had similar interests’ = we had a lot common
  • ‘we gort to know one another very well’ = we became close friends
  • ‘we argued’ = we fell out
  • ‘we became/have become more distant from each other’ = we went our separate ways/we’ve drifted apart
  • ‘we enjoyed one another’s company’ = we got on very well
  • ‘we had good moments and bad moments’ = we had our ups and downs
  • ‘I know I can count on her when I need a friend’ = I know she’ll always be hare for

2.The following is a summary of Tina and Will’s friendship. Put the lines of the summary in the correct order.

  1. Tina and Will hit it
  2. Off immediately when they first
  3. met. They became close
  4. friends and got on
  5. in common. Now they have gone their
  6. separate ways and they’ve drifted
  7. out and they say that they are still
  8. well together. They had a lot
  9. apart. They haven’t fallen
  10. there for each other.

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