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My favourite Armenian

While we say famous Armenians, the first person which comes to my mind and head is Monte Melkonyan. I have examined a lot about his life, what I find interesting, respectful in him, was that he left America and came to Armenia to protect our country. He is one of few Armenians who put his efforts into his nation’s development and benefits. Every Armenian should be proud of that we have Monte Melkonyan.

Monte Melkonian was an Armenian revolutionary, left-wing nationalist militant and commander. In his life one fact is very important, he took part in ASALA, he took part in the assassinations of several Turkish diplomats in Europe His life was full of challenges, difficulties, but he overcame everything. One of them was that he was later arrested and sent to prison in France. But then, he was released and in the following year, acquired a visa to travel to Armenia.

Monte was killed by Azerbaijani soldiers while surveying Merzili with five of his comrades in the aftermath of the battle. He was buried at Yerablur cemetery in Yerevan and declared a National Hero of Armenia in 1996.

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