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Distance learning Grade 10/ 30.03-10.04/

 ”An email to my friend”

Task 1

To write a correct email, you need to follow the following structure/ Ճիշտ էլ․փոստ գրելու համար դու պետք է հետևես հետևյալ կառուցվածքին/։

Hi Leo, ( greeting + name)

How’s it going in. Switzerland? Is there much snow in the mountains? ( opening phrase)

I’ve got some shocking news. Pete and Grace have got together. I didn’t know about it until I saw them in town. I was walking down the High Street when I saw them in the Grand Cafe. They were holding hands across the table! When I asked Alicia later, she said they’ve liked each other for ages! I couldn’t believe it. Did you know? I’m thinking of asking Alicia out. I’m sure she likes me. What do you think? ( main message)

Anyway, see you next week. ( closing phrase)

All the best, Ned ( signing off + your name)

PS I’m attaching a photo I took with my mobile of them (holding hands!). ( extra information, often attachments)

Task 1.

Hello Leo. How are you. I hope everything goes well. I’m really looking forward to seeing you. I haven’t seen you in a long time. I am waiting for your letter. I want to meet and have a good time with each other. I missed the moments when we had a good time with each other. Best regards Tigran. My email address is

Task 2

Task 1. ESL Listening exercises/pre-intermediate/ – listen and answer the questions 

1.How does Joshua go to school in Japan?

He walks with a group of students.
He takes a school bus every morning.
He rides the subway at 8:00 AM.

2.Which item did Joshua NOT take to school?

a school hata
a backpack
gym clothes

3.What does Josh do first when he gets to school?

He stands and bows to the teacher.
He practices his reading and writing.
He puts on his gym clothes for class.

4.Where does Joshua eat lunch at school?

in his classroomin
the gymnasiumin
the lunchroom

5.Joshua probably gets home from school between _____.

1:00 and 2:00 p.m.
2:00 and 3:00 p.m
.3:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Task 2. ESL Listening exercises/Intermediate/ -listen and answer the questions

1.The man wants to ______.

join a soccer club
try out for the company basketball team
run a mountain marathon

2.The woman is worried that ______.

her husband’s health isn’t good
the man works too much
her husband is becoming a fitness freak

3.First, the woman suggests that her husband _____.

visit with a fitness traine
rstart with light workouts
see a doctor

4.Her husband should ____.

eat less fatty foods
consume less salt
eat more protein

5.Why does the man’s wife recommend cycling?

It helps develop mental toughness.
It helps strengthen the heart.
It is good for improving muscle tone.

Task 3. Prepositions of time: on, in, at – for information and explanation go through this link 

1)I want to lose 5 kilogram in one month.
2)Could you get me this pants in a larger size?
3)She seems to be interested on Psychology.
4)I will come to pick you up at 2 pm tomorrow.
5)This class will be held in Mondays.

    Complete the sentences using  in, on, at

  1. I started my job in 2007.
  2. I usually get to work at about 8.15
  3. I’m never late for work. I’m always at time.
  4. I work best in the morning.
  5. Occasionally, I have to work on Saturdays.
  6. in the summer, I sometimes cycle to work
  7. I get paid on 28th of each month
  8. We have a pay review in April
  9. We have a big office party on Christmas
  10. I am very interested in Art.

Task 4. Find the word that is closest in meaning to the word


a) describe  b)understand c) make use of  d)prepare

2. internal

a)forever  b) inside  c) outside  d)brief


a)render  b)fall  c)take place d)reach

4. native

a)alien  b)born in a particular  c)foreign  d)buried in a particular place

5. believe

a)notice  b)mean  c) suppose  d) reach

6. wish

a)ability b)desire  c)want  d) likeness

7. high

a) lofty  b)significant  c)scale d)low

8. complete

a)found  b) make c)compare  d) finish


a) fall  b) supply c) develop d) improve


a)discover  b) believe  c)require  d) render