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Exercise 188

  1. Do you keep to any special diet?- Well, I don’t think it is good to eat a
    lot of meat. I usually have meat only once a week. I eat lots of fruit
    and vegetables.
  2. He is learning English now because he wants to get a better job.
  3. The teacher knows the girl doesn’t often argue with pupils.
  4. I think she often worries.
  5. Barbara’s boss sees she is always late for work.
  6. I am calling my son in Chicago now. I want to call him every month
    but it is very expensive.
  7. Do you hear me now? How is your job going?- Great! I am enjoying it
    a lot. The only problem I have here is that the food is so good. I eat
    too much! I am getting really fat.
  8. Ruth is learning English now because she likes learning languages
    and she wants to impress everybody.
  9. Listen to that man! Do you understand what language he is
  10. Is your English getting better?-Yes, I think so.
  11. We know he never takes risks.
  12. They think he learns fast, he knows English well and he speaks
    English fluently.
  13. Don’t disturb him. He is just working at his English.
  14. I don’t like to watch TV very often.But at the moment I enjoy my
    favourite film “Gone with the Wind”. And I am very happy.

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