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Exercise 186

One Sunday Agnes and her mother went to the zoo.The girl was very
excited.She was interested in everything she saw.
“Mother, look,” she said. “There is a monkey in this cage. It is eating an
apple. Now it is giving a bite to another monkey. I think monkeys like
apples very much.”
“Yes,dear,” said her mother.
“Now I want to go and see the the lions and tigers. Where do they live,
mother?””In that big house over there. Come along.”
Agnes enjoyed the lion house a lot. “Mother,” she said, “the tiger wants a
drink: it is going to the dish of water there in the corner. And the lion is
looking right at me.Do you think it wants to eat me up? When do the lions
and tigers have their dinner, mother?”
“The keepers bring them large pieces of meat every day at four o’clock.
And they make a lot of noise before their dinner time, so everybody knows
they are hungry.”

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