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Exercise 134

1)It is very easy exercise.Give me harder exercise.2)In the summer days
are long, and nights are short.3)Twenty two June is the longest day.4)In
July days are shorter.5)In December days are the shortest.6)Four is good
mark, but five is better.7)Five is the best mark.8)Two is the worst
mark.9)Your dress is, of course, very beautiful, but my dress is more
beautiful.10)My father is tall man.11)It is warmer coat.12)I think, that our
English teacher was very patient.13)Our old doctor was very busy.Our new
doctor is busier.14)My German teacher is the most active person.15)We
know, your neighbor is very boring person.16)I think, your grandfather the
most generous person, whom I meet.17)Ronald’s watch is accurate , but his aunt’s watch is more accurate.18)She bought watches in Switzerland,
because she thinks, that Switch watches are the most accurate in the
world.19)That TV movie is much worse than today’s.20)What is the most
funny TV program?21)These were the happiest days in her life.

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