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Exercise 133

1.а)I know interesting story.

б)He knows more interesting story.

в)She knows the most interesting story.

2.а)It is a long way.

б)It is longer way.

в)It is the longest way.

3.а)Her work is very important.

б)His work is more important.

в)My work is the most important.

4.а)It is bad song.

б)It is worse song also.

в)It is worst song.

5.а)He is good engineer.

б)He is better engineer.

в)He is the best engineer.

6.а)He brought her beautiful flower.

б)He brought her more beautiful flower.

в)He brought her the most beautiful flower.

7.а)He told us about happy person.

б)He told us about happier person.

в)He told us about the happiest person.

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