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Exercise 177

1.I work.2.We work.3.They do not work.4.You work?Yes.5.He works.No, he studies.6.My brother does not study.He works.7.Do you wear glass?8.Do you help people?9.Does he like to read  fairy tale.10.Does she like to play violin.11.My sister does not read book.12.Our grandmother likes to sleep on the couch.13.Do you like to relax in a chair?14.We eat and drink in the kitchen.15.My brother does not like read newspapers.16.We sleep in the bedroom.17.My brother sleeps on the couch in the living room.18.My sister dresses in front of a mirror.19.My uncle writes book.20.We write exercises at school.21.I spend my pocket money on ice cream.22.He reads all the time and does not like to watch TV.

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