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Exercise 138

He is not so tiered as she.Exercise two is as hard as exercise three.She
think‘s,that box is as dangerous type of sport as fight.That home is as hight
as this one. Today water in the river is not so warm as yesterday.You are not so smart as your father. India is not so big as China. Temza is as
beautiful as Neva. His grandmother is not so old as grandfather .Apples are
as tasty as plums, but they are not so tasty as pears.Is Russian museum
as rich as Hermitage? Derjavit is not so popular as Pushkin. Dnepr is not
so long as Volga. Last year August was as hot as July. He is not so old as
I. She is as generous as her grandmother. His car is as comfortable as
yours.Exam was not so hard as we waited. He is as strong as his
brother.This computer is not so expensive as I thought. Her son is as polite
as she. This job is as interesting as yours.

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