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Exercise 135

1)How do you like Smucker’s Sweet Orange Marmalade, Mrs Johnson? I
think it’s delicious. It’s much more delicious than the marmalade I usually
buy. We agree with you, Mrs Johnson. We think Smucker’s Sweet Orange
Marmalade is the most delicious marmalade in the world. 2)The rivers in
America are much bigger than those in England. 3)The island of Great
Britain is smaller than Greenland. 4)What is the name of the highest
mountain in Asia? 5) The English Channel is wider than the Straits of
Gibraltar. 6)Russia is very large country. 7)Which is larger:the United
States or Canada? 8) What is the name of the biggest port in the United
States? 9) Moscow is the largest city in Russia. 10) The London
Underground is the oldest in the world. 11) There is a greater number of
cars and buses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city of Russia.
12) St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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