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Exercise 135

1)How do you like Smucker’s Sweet Orange Marmalade, Mrs Johnson? I
think it’s delicious. It’s much more delicious than the marmalade I usually
buy. We agree with you, Mrs Johnson. We think Smucker’s Sweet Orange
Marmalade is the most delicious marmalade in the world. 2)The rivers in
America are much bigger than those in England. 3)The island of Great
Britain is smaller than Greenland. 4)What is the name of the highest
mountain in Asia? 5) The English Channel is wider than the Straits of
Gibraltar. 6)Russia is very large country. 7)Which is larger:the United
States or Canada? 8) What is the name of the biggest port in the United
States? 9) Moscow is the largest city in Russia. 10) The London
Underground is the oldest in the world. 11) There is a greater number of
cars and buses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city of Russia.
12) St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Exercise 137

1.Mike is as tall as Pete. 2. Kate is not so nice as Ann. 3. My room is as
light as this one. 4. This book is not so thin as that one.5. Sergei is as old
as Michael. 6. She is as young as Tom’s brother. 7.This woman is as good
as that one. 8.Nick’s English is not so good as his friend’s.9. I am not so tall as Pete. 10. This woman is as young as that one. 11. I am as thin as
you.12.Kate is as lazy as her brother.13. This child is not so small as that

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Exercise 138

He is not so tiered as she.Exercise two is as hard as exercise three.She
think‘s,that box is as dangerous type of sport as fight.That home is as hight
as this one. Today water in the river is not so warm as yesterday.You are not so smart as your father. India is not so big as China. Temza is as
beautiful as Neva. His grandmother is not so old as grandfather .Apples are
as tasty as plums, but they are not so tasty as pears.Is Russian museum
as rich as Hermitage? Derjavit is not so popular as Pushkin. Dnepr is not
so long as Volga. Last year August was as hot as July. He is not so old as
I. She is as generous as her grandmother. His car is as comfortable as
yours.Exam was not so hard as we waited. He is as strong as his
brother.This computer is not so expensive as I thought. Her son is as polite
as she. This job is as interesting as yours.

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Exercise 180

  1. I’m taking my sister to school now. I take her to school every
  2. He is helping his father now. He helps his father very often.
  3. At the moment they are going to the river for a swim. They
    usually go to the river for a swim.
  4. She is playing the violin now. She plays the violin every day.
  5. I am reading now. I read every day.
  6. He is sleeping now. He sleeps every night.
  7. We are drinking tea now. We drink tea every morning.
  8. They are going to school now. They go to school every
  9. I am not sleeping now. I don’t sleep in the daytime.
  10. She isn’t drinking coffee now. She doesn’t drink coffee after
  11. We aren’t watching TV now. We don’t watch TV in the
  12. They are not eating now. They don’t eat at the lesson.
  13. My mother isn’t working now. My mother doesn’t work at an
  14. Are you working now? Do you work every day?
  15. Is he playing now? Does he play in the afternoon?
  16. Are they eating now? Do they eat at school?
  17. Is your sister resting now? Does your sister rest after
  18. What are you doing now? What do you do every morning?
  19. What are you reading now? What do you read after dinner?
  20. What are they eating now? What do they eat for breakfast?
  21. What is your brother drinking now? What does your brother
    drink in the evening?
  22. Is everybody having a good time now? Does everybody
    have a good time every Saturday?
  23. Is she taking medicine now? How often does she take
  24. Where are they going now? Where do they go on Sunday?
  25. Are they speaking English now? What language do they
    usually speak?
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Exercise 177

1.I work.2.We work.3.They do not work.4.You work?Yes.5.He works.No, he studies.6.My brother does not study.He works.7.Do you wear glass?8.Do you help people?9.Does he like to read  fairy tale.10.Does she like to play violin.11.My sister does not read book.12.Our grandmother likes to sleep on the couch.13.Do you like to relax in a chair?14.We eat and drink in the kitchen.15.My brother does not like read newspapers.16.We sleep in the bedroom.17.My brother sleeps on the couch in the living room.18.My sister dresses in front of a mirror.19.My uncle writes book.20.We write exercises at school.21.I spend my pocket money on ice cream.22.He reads all the time and does not like to watch TV.