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William Saroyan

William Saroyan was born in 1908, in armenian-populated city of Fresno, California. He was three years old when his father died. After that he spent five years in an orphanage. After a short time, he studied at an Armenian school, then worked for the family to sell newspapers, work, dispense telegrams. After the first book, he gained literary recognition. It was “The Brave Teenager on the Swing and Other Stories” that made Saroyan come to Armenia and connect with his ancestors’ country. He later published a collection of more than a dozen short stories and became one of the world-renowned masters of short stories and novels. Loyal to his Armenian descent, Saroyan is considered a foreign-language Armenian writer because he wrote in English. He died in 1981, and according to his will some of the remains were buried in Armenia.One of Saroyan’s best theaters is “My Heart is in the Mountains”.

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