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A Private Conversation

Last week I went to the theatre.I had a very good seat.The play was very interesting .I did not enjoy it.A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me.They were talking loudly. I got very angry .I could not hear the actors. I turned round .I looked at the man and the woman angrily. They did not pay any attention . In the end,I could not bear it.I turned round again.”I can’t hear a word!” I said angrily. ” It’s none of your business,” the young man said rudely. “This is a private conversation!”

Comprehension Precis and Composition

1.Where did the writer go last week? 2.Did he enjoy the play or not? 3.Who was sitting behind him? 4.Were they talking loudly, or were they talking quietly? 5.Could the writer hear the actors or not? 6.Did he turn round or not? 7.What did he say? 8.Did the young man say,” The play is not interesting.” or did he say, “This is a private conversation!”?

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