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Fun and games

Topic vocabulary 

beat, board game, captain, challenge, champion, cheat, classical music, club, coach, competition, concert, defeat, entertaining, folk music, group, gym, have fun, interest, member, opponent, organise, pleasure, referee, rhythm, risk, score, support, team, train, video game.

Phrasal verbs

carry on, eat out, give up, join in, send off, take up, turn down, turn up.

Prepositional phrases

for a long time , for fun , in the middle of, in time(for) , on CD/DVD/video, on stage .

Word formation 

act, athlete, child, collect, entertain , hero, music, play, sail, sing.

Word patterns

bored with, crazy about , good at ,interested in, keep on , popular with , feel like, listen to , take part in, a book (by sb) about, a fan of, a game against.


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